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It is very difficult to compete with well-known companies of any industry in today’s world. Take Microsoft for example. This is considered one of the top computer and software companies ever invented and not many companies have even come close to its success. Within the food industry several companies do monopolies more than others; and when it comes to coffee Starbucks coffee has truly seemed to have made its mark. Or have they? Mr. Adam Banks of Ready Coffee in Chicago would agree to disagree. Banks opened the Wicker Park indie coffee shop Ready Coffee in July of this year because he simply wanted to provide good quality and affordable coffee to the public. His goal for getting into this business was not to try and compete with players like Starbucks or even with the posh well known coffee brands in Chicago like Blue Bottle or La Colombe. His interest was simply to open a local neighborhood coffee shop that was budget conscious. Banks earned his MBA from the University of Chicago and came up with his idea for Ready coffee while finishing his business degree. He believes that even though Starbucks exists, his concept will still thrive and be successful because he is offering something that Starbucks isn’t, and that is coffee at a fair price. All of the coffee and espresso drinks sold at Ready Coffee are listed anywhere from $1.00 to $3.00, which is quite a bargain compared to most other coffee shops and coffee companies, and as a result will attract a crowd based on price alone. The perk for Ready Coffee is that it is not only cheap, but the café offers the locally roasted high quality coffee that is just as tasty as any other if not more when saving a few dollars! To read more about the Chicago based business Ready Coffee, visit the Intuit online blog.


Check out the next eBook of the Simply Delicious series titled Dolci Simply Italian desserts by chef and author Daniella Malfitano. Dolci features a mouthwatering collection of more than 40 delectable dessert recipes from every region of Italy. These recipes will inspire you to add a sweet end to every meal. This eBook will take you from your home right to Italy’s best bakeries and pastry shops. These irresistible recipes are simple to follow. From classic to modern the eBook includes a wide range of delicious desserts from tasty Lemon Sorbet, Panna Cotta with Plum Coulis and Apple, Cookie and Cream Towers, to more classic recipes like Frittelle Veneziane, Crostata al Limone with Ricotta and Italian Amaretti Cookies. These Italian desserts will be your in-home kitchen companion for preparing some of Italy’s most beloved dishes.

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Just in time for the summer grilling season comes the new eBook No Frills Grillin’! Developed by iCook2day, a brand of CulinartMedia, No Frills Grillin’ is a collection of recipes for preparing delicious grilled meals from beef lamb, pork and chicken, halibut, shrimp and lobster, mushrooms tomatoes and corn and bananas, pineapple and peaches, just to mention a few of many featured ingredients. In addition, a choice of delicious sauces and great side dishes is complementing each dish. With more than 65 recipes, an equal number of sumptuous photographs and access on most mobile devices, No Frills Grillin’ allows this favorite American food preparation to be enjoyed almost anywhere in the house, backyard or out in the country.

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